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Choosing a Celebrant

Posted on 2 July, 2018 at 19:35

Planning your wedding day can be stressful and choosing a celebrant can be a daunting task. Do you choose them based on price or reputation? Availability or convenience? Personality or appearance? All of these factors are important, but why not consider doing what one couple did: they chose their celebrant based on creativity and skill.

They used the usual channels of selection to create a shortlist: website review, word of mouth and phone book. They then emailed the three celebrants they had selected and asked them to submit a reading that most reflected their shared values. How do I know this? I made the shortlist.

I clarified some expectations: did the reading need to be original? Not necessarily, was the reply. I knew which one I was going to submit straight away: I am Love. And they loved it. I was booked straight away.

Why is this unusual? Because they booked me unseen. There were no face to face meetings or phone chats. There was no request of a quote at all. The only criteria that mattered (apart from availability) was how well the celebrant could match their requests.

Am I suggesting that every couple use this process? Not at all. But I am suggesting that you really consider what is important to you when selecting a celebrant, and focus on that. The wedding planning process can be arduous. Why make it more stressful by not being true to yourselves?

This particular couple were true to themselves in every aspect of their wedding day. The ceremony was at 7:30 am on the Winter Solstice. A time when the sun rises to greet the dawning of a new day. Guests were encouraged to wear pyjamas and onesies were the height of fashion. A breakfast reception followed. Guests then headed into the local township to enjoy the Yungaburra Markets and a swim at the iconic Lake Eacham before donning steampunk attire to continue the wedding festivities into the early hours. It was held at their home. It was completely and utterly 'them': their love, their family and their friends. They spent money on what was important to them and the start of their married life.

Here are some steps to help you choose your celebrant:

1. Ask for recommendations from people you trust. Who have they seen in action or heard of?

2. Check out websites and social media - do they look professional? What do the reviews say?

3. Email or phone - ask for availability, outline of services and fee. What is included in the fee? What isn't included in the fee? Maybe ask them to select a reading that best reflects your shared values.

4. Create a shortlist based on which ones have so far impressed you. Ask to meet in person or over Skype. Most celebrants are happy to do this, obligation free.

5. When you meet, consider what you want to know about the celebrant. Maybe ask to read a ceremony they have created, or what they might recommend to include in the ceremony. How do they make you feel? Do you feel inspired and confident?

6. Book the one who has met your criteria. You might find that price no longer becomes a factor if the one you likes also happens to be the most expensive. At the end of the day, you want someone who best fits you.

If you would like to know if I best fit you and your requirements, send me an email to [email protected] I would love to hear from you:)

Kind regards,

Cheyenne xoxo

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